Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer and start of the new school year.....

I know it has been a few months since I have updated this blog, it seems like we have been on the go a lot this summer, which is a good thing! We have had a fun summer break filled with traveling toNewport California to spend a weekend with our friends Nichole and Rob and their adorable kids...Cohen and Claire. The first night was just Mommy, Daddy and Bailee time. She had her own special night away.  Then the next day/night it was the whole family.  It was such a fun mini vacation and to get to spend time with the Bissell’s. We came back to Arizona to have Stephanie, Jeremy's sister, come for the weekend so we could go to an amazing Blake Shelton concert (kid less of course), then my wonderful friend Pam came for a visit, it had been 2.5 years since our last visit and felt like it was yesterday! To end our summer break the kids and I went to Oregon for a couple weeks it was so nice to be "home" again and in MUCH cooler temperatures. The kids had so much fun playing with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and be surrounded by family again! Jeremy's mom flew the girls back to Arizona and has been staying with us for a couple weeks and cooking a lot of amazing food for us! yay!

And now summer break has officially ended today……
Lucy started her first day of 1st grade!! (tear) She looked so cute in her new first day of school outfit; backpack and lunch pail (thanks Aunt Tami). She has her own desk in 1st grade and she is very excited about that. We look forward to a great school year and to see how much she learns and grows this year! She has officially started her "School Years."
Bailee starts her new preschool in a week and on Thursday we get to go to her school and meet her teacher and see her classroom. She asks me at least twice a day how many days until she gets to go to school!
Jameson will be 9 months on the 13th and has started crawling everywhere. He is growing like crazy, almost 21 lbs, and has his first two front teeth! He is such an amazing baby and we are so blessed to have him!
Well, I think that is the update on the Ornelas Familia. Kids, Work, Kids, Kids...some more work and somewhere in between sleep! :)

Here are some summer family pictures.......

                                        Jameson's teeth! All he wants is his two front teeth... he he
                                       Such a big boy sitting in his chair that plays music.
                               The Ornelas and Bissell Family in Newport California!
                                      Lucy, Cohen and Bailee enjoying some watermelon!
                                           I love my Bailee!!
                                       Mommy and Daddy taking a rare photo without kids!
                                                    Lucy loves swimming!
                                Aunt Pam and Jameson....I LOVE LOVE this picture!!
                                                      Our beautiful Bailee!
                                                  Lucy's first day of 1st grade!!!! :) Our big girl!!
                                          Our blue eyed baby boy!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ornelas Kids Pictures!

Lucy's Kindergarten Photo  6 years old

Bailee's Preschool Photo  3 years old

Jameson's 4 month old photo!

***Pictures are on the way Grandma's, don't worry! We love and miss all of our family and friends! Love, the Ornelas Family!***

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ornelas Family Update....

Jameson is now THREE months did that happen? He is becoming a big boy at almost 14bs, in 3-6 months clothes (and some of them are a big snug) getting more and more active every day.  Jeremy and I just discussed this morning that we can no longer leave him on the changing table and walk away, he is ready to start rolling over! He likes tummy time which is so different than his sisters.  He is a good baby..loves to talk, smile and laugh.  NOW if we could just get him to sleep longer than 3 hours at a time...:)

Lucy is playing soccer every Saturday morning for a total of 12 weeks.  She likes going, I think more for the social aspect than the actual understanding of the sport! Can't wait for some games to start....should be fun! She and Jeremy also went to a Daddy/Daughter Dance at her school for Valentine's Day.  They both got all dressed up and Jeremy escorted her to the dance!

Bailee is doing great in her preschool class.  She will be starting a Sports Camp in the next month that will let her play soccer, basketball and t-ball.  Her and her friend Ryder will be doing the class together, and I have a feeling may be a bit more coordinated than her big sister! :)

Jeremy's job is going well....he has three houses and is in the middle of some big remodels and then sell, sell, sell!! I just started working part time again, so every Saturday, every other Sunday and any other fill in days needed during the week at a BMW dealership as a Receptionist. It is nice for me to have some grown up time and they are very flexible with our kids schedules and life! 

The Ornelas Family all in all is doing good.  We are adjusting to our life in Arizona but miss our family and friends in Oregon every day!

 Girls all dressed up in their tutu's for Disney on Ice with Grandma Pat and Grandpa!
 Bailee being such a sweet big sister and holding her brother!
 Bailee had to dress  up after she saw Lucy all dressed up for the Daddy Daughter Dance!
 Our blue eyed beautiful baby boy!!
 All dressed up for the Daddy Daughter Dance!
 Braydon came to visit us and brought his knight costume so that he could play dress up with the girls too!! We had so much fun with him being here....